PLAYMOBIL achieves 10 per cent increase in sales

Brandstätter Group on growth path / Focus on expanding licensing

Nuremberg / Zirndorf, 31.01.2017 – The Brandstätter Group is looking back on a successful financial year. In 2016, global PLAYMOBIL sales totalled 611 million euros, an increase of ten per cent. The Group’s total turnover, which also includes the brand LECHUZA, was 671 million euros. The sales subsidiaries in France, Spain and Italy made the greatest contribution to the 70 per cent foreign share of the turnover.

The group remains on a growth path in Germany and internationally and recorded consistently high demand for PLAYMOBIL brand products and play worlds.

162 new products - new market potential through licensing

In 2017, PLAYMOBIL is kicking off the year with 162 new products. These include a new Pony Farm, the magical Fairy Forest, a modern doll house and the expansion of the Top Agents collection, which is especially popular with young boys. The Super 4 TV series, inspired by PLAYMOBIL (shown on the Disney Channel) is also entering a new phase. This year for the first time, there will be PLAYMOBIL products made under internationally-recognised entertainment licences. PLAYMOBIL is expanding its traditional product range with the addition of products based on the comedy classic Ghostbusters and the adventure movie How to Train Your Dragon.

The new licensed products are an important milestone for the brand. It is essential to attract new fans while at the same time ensuring long-standing supporters are even more passionate about the brand. In 2017 this will be played out through stories of PLAYMOBIL and Ghostbusters heroes, which are very popular with people of all ages. Playsets based on the successful DreamWorks blockbuster Dragons, for example, give children the opportunity to re-enact a range of stories in the play room. They are primarily a quick starting point for their own creative role-play.

Licensed products at PLAYMOBIL will form a part of children’s world of experiences and provide valuable stimuli for them to develop their own ideas and set their imaginations free. The aim is to grab the attention of children wherever they may be — via all multimedia channels.

With these brand-new play themes, the group is meeting the increasing demand and satisfying the continually growing market for licensed products. The big challenge lies with the PLAYMOBIL developers and designers who must bridge the gap between the traditional PLAYMOBIL design and incomparable PLAYMOBIL figure to already well-known characters. For this reason, the licensed themes have been very carefully selected according to how they will fit with PLAYMOBIL, its traditional products, brand philosophy and the target market.