Full speed ahead! Battery FAQ’s

Save money and help the environment - choose rechargeable batteries!

If you use battery-powered PLAYMOBIL® products, rechargeable batteries are the most economic and environmentally friendly way to power them. They are not that expensive - one rechargeable battery does not cost much more than four ordinary batteries. But whereas a battery can only be recycled after usage, you can recharge your batteries over and over again!

Which rechargable batteries? The stronger, the better!

The stronger your batteries are, the longer your toys will run on them. The strength of a battery is measured in Milliampere Hours (mAh). Batteries with less than 1200 mAh are not strong enough for your RC-Train, batteries with 1600 mAh are not much more expensive but last longer. Hint: New batteries might not deliver their full power until they have been used (charged and unloaded) two or three times.

Which batteries? Avoid zinc-carbon!

Not all batteries are strong enough to do the job. Zinc carbon batteries are often not powerful enough whereas alkaline or lithium batteries work much better.

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

No matter whether you decide to use standard or rechargeable batteries you should not use batteries with different strengths or charge states together at the same time. In this type of situation, the performance of the strong or fully charged batteries will be reduced to the level of the weaker or less charged batteries. One old empty battery is enough to keep all other batteries from delivering their full power - in fact you wouldn't get any more power than you would using all old batteries.

Saving energy

Many battery-powered PLAYMOBIL® products have an automatic power-off function and shut down after a while when they are not in use. If your product has a mechanic switch, please remember to turn it off after playing to save energy.