PLAYMOBIL launches reusable "Nose and Mouth Mask"

Simple reusable "PLAYMOBIL Nose and Mouth Mask“
Simple reusable "PLAYMOBIL Nose and Mouth Mask“

Brandstätter Group develops reusable mask to reduce the risk of droplet-based infections / The material is durable, resource-saving and easy to clean

Zirndorf/Germany, April 2020 - The Corona crisis has given the impetus. The Brandstätter Group uses its own expertise in plastics and launches the first reusable "PLAYMOBIL Nose and Mouth Mask". From April 14th, 2020 it can be ordered internationally through the company's online shop. The risk of spreading a droplet-based infection to other people is reduced by this mask.

After initially providing the masks to employees around the world, the Brandstätter Group is now also making the article available to the interested public. The mask will initially be offered for 4.99 euros in direct sales. One euro from each sale of a mask will be donated to the company’s existing charity campaign which supports non-profit organizations in their coronavirus relief efforts.

Since April 7th, production of the first reusable "PLAYMOBIL Nose and Mouth Mask" has been running at full speed. The company has thus succeeded in performing a fast development right at the pulse of time. In record time, new injection moulds were created for the complex mould design of this article. Politicians are currently discussing whether a general obligation to wear a mask can help to slow down the spread of the virus in the future. At the same time, physicians, health care companies and economy are complaining massively that masks are in very short supply and remain practically out of stock worldwide. The "Nose and Mouth Mask" can make a contribution to easing this situation.

Important notes on use

The wearer inserts a fresh filter element into the mask before each use. Various absorbent materials can be used as filters – for example, a standard paper tissue. The article comes with 10 handkerchiefs, providing material to create up to 40 filters. The mask must not be used without a filter, and must be cleaned beforehand for hygienic reasons. When putting on the mask, nose and mouth have to be covered completely. The mask is fastened by a rubber band so that it cannot slip out of place even during rapid movements. Of course, wearers should still practice recommended hygiene guidelines, such as a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters to other people. After a maximum of 10 hours, the mask should be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and washing-up liquid. The filter element has to be removed before cleaning.