PLAYMOBIL generates sales increase of 11 percent

The Brandstätter Group sets course for the future / digitisation paves the way for new products and business segments

Nuremberg, 29/01/2018. The Brandstätter Group continues on its growth trajectory. In 2017, the company based in Franconia (Germany) generates a global turnover of 679 million euros with its PLAYMOBIL brand – a double-digit increase of 11 percent.
The total turnover of the group, which includes the LECHUZA brand, is 741 million euros. In 2017, the foreign share of the turnover of some 70 percent was mainly generated by its sales subsidiaries in France, Spain, Benelux and the UK.

The group thus further consolidates its strong market position in Germany and internationally. “In 2017 we succeeded in injecting new impetus and creating a broader and more digital brand experience. Worldwide, we now reach the children in their complex modern experience world. We will continue to build on this”, says Speaker of the Board Steffen Höpfner.

New opportunities, new market potential

For the future, geobra Brandstätter is planning increased activities in the following three areas: Expansion into new markets, addressing new target groups and, above all, diversification. Digitisation creates many different opportunities for the toy manufacturer. Many plans are already in place in Zirndorf about modifying and developing the product worlds – but also about establishing completely new products and services, for example purely digital ones.

Any new business segments and offers are required to attract customers to the group’s play worlds. “We have to improve our brand perception with foresight and be close to our consumers, target markets and the relevant platforms. There is of course a lot of work to do”, says Höpfner. The aim is to build bridges between the company and the consumer. The starting points for this would be to think about further licences, licence allocations specifically, and to expand digital contents.

166 new products - 3D holograms, licensed themes and plenty of imagination

In 2018, PLAYMOBIL is launching around 166 new products, thus forging a link between classic themed worlds and brand new play adventures. Themes like “fire brigade”, “school” and “mars mission” are an integral part of the traditional PLAYMOBIL range, and this year sees many excellent relaunches.

One of the highlights is a new crystal palace. The play world will include its own animated film and an app. The new 3D PLAYMOGRAM sets on the topics of “ice princesses” and “Ghostbusters” manage to create a clever link between toys and the digital world. The hologram projector, which can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets free of charge, provides a 3D playing experience with figures floating freely in space. In 2018, “The Explorers” will go on adventures together for the first time. geobra Brandstätter thus pays homage to the current fascination with dinosaurs. PLAYMOBIL also keeps pace with the times with the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Official Licensed Product – Take Along Soccer Field.

Following the successful realization of the film classic “Ghostbusters” and the adventure movie “How to Train Your Dragon”, PLAYMOBIL is once again relying on strong licensing partners in 2018. Both themes were successfully launched last year, and they are now entering the next round with more products. With “Dreamworks Spirit” another popular series license was added to the range. The themes “horses” and “riding school” have traditionally been part of the PLAYMOBIL range; with “Spirit” they are now relaunched with matching products from the popular animation series on SuperRTL.

geobra Brandstätter thus stays true to its focus. Licensed themes combined with new digital offerings introduce children to traditional role-playing, encourage creativity and strengthen social skills.