Brandstätter Group Expands Board

Steffen Höpfner (50) takes over as chairman of the Brandstätter Unternehmensstiftung and of Horst Brandstätter Holding GmbH

Zirndorf, 30.11.2016 – Starting December 1, 2016, Steffen Höpfner will assume the position of CEO of the Brandstätter Unternehmensstiftung (company foundation) and of Horst Brandstätter Holding GmbH. The 50-year-old will therefore transfer from the advisory committee to the board. As CEO of the Group, he will be responsible for the core areas strategy/corporate development, HR development and shareholdings. His portfolio also includes corporate communication and representing the board vis-à-vis the foundation’s advisory committee.

With this appointment, the Brandstätter Group is focusing on personnel continuity and for 2017 is effectively strengthening management in terms of the operative implementation of new strategic projects.

The key challenges the Group faces include the growing international business, the development of new and strategic partnerships and the expansion of the international production network and digitalization – above all in the toy industry. “I see a wide range of issues for the Brandstätter Group to tackle in future. In 2017, we are going to seize the opportunity," announces Höpfner. And so, in future, the management of the Brandstätter Group will consist of five people. Achim Boymanns, Robert Benker, Rene Feser and Silke Heinrich will continue to be responsible for their usual business segments. And the principle still applies that management will be closely accompanied by the foundation’s advisory committee.

A constant for 20 years

Steffen Höpfner has been associated with the Brandstätter Group for over 20 years and knows the market and the company perfectly. The industrial engineer joined geobra right after his studies and gathered initial professional experience in technology and costing and managed projects in a variety of fields in the company before he transferred to CSC Ploenzke AG in 1999 as a consultant for strategy and process consulting. In 2003, Höpfner returned to geobra and assisted management first in the areas of IT, controlling and project management. As of 2009, he was the managing director of geobra and of Horst Brandstätter Holding. Upon the death of Horst Brandstätter he transferred to the advisory committee in 2015 and maintained close ties with corporate management. Systematic further development of the business segments and the expansion of corporate activities are a matter of course for the 50-year-old in keeping with the adage of Horst Brandstätter: “standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards”.

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