Record number: over three billion PLAYMOBIL figures

Zirndorf, 26 June 2017 - The year 2017 is a very special one for PLAYMOBIL with a new milestone. More than three billion PLAYMOBIL figures now inhabit children’s playrooms worldwide since the range first launched in 1974. That means that PLAYMOBIL figures now outnumber the total combined population of Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. If the figures were laid head to toe, they would stretch 3.7 times around the Earth.

It all began, over 40 years ago, with just a Native American, a construction worker and a knight. Since then, the variety of available figures has grown considerably - over 5,700 different figures have been created over the years. Children all over the world enjoy playing with the figures of women, men, girls, boys and babies, and the huge range of different outfits and accessories that come with them.

Two features of the popular figures have remained unchanged to this day: the characteristic PLAYMOBIL smile and the related play principle, which encourages imagination and creativity, promoting children’s development. PLAYMOBIL gives children the opportunity to slip into different roles, thus picking up on a fundamental need for play. Children process their everyday experiences, their wishes, joy and worries in constantly evolving stories lived out with their favorite figures.

The multitalented and cheerful-looking figures successfully master all kinds of adventures - in a historical settings as knights and pirates; in the present day as construction workers, vets and police officers; and even as agents in futuristic worlds. They also venture beyond the borders of their own play worlds: a princess can board a pirate ship and an astronaut can spend his holiday at a riding school. Tooth fairy, Santa Claus, garden gnome or rock star - the many extraordinary types of figures and the endless versatility of the beloved toys ensure unlimited possibilities for creative role play. The imagination is the engine for countless exciting stories that come to life in children’s playrooms. Roles, actions and emotions are constantly reinvented - and the children themselves are writing the scripts.

For parents and educators PLAYMOBIL is synonymous with significant play value and top quality, offering everlasting fun to fans of all ages. Over 100 million of these smiling little characters are produced each year - ready for a host of adventures in playrooms around the globe.

What’s more, if they were stacked one on top of each other, the PLAYMOBIL figures would reach almost 114,000 miles into the air. That isn’t quite enough to reach the moon just yet - for that over five billion figures are needed!

Playmobil Lächeln

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