PLAYMOBIL face mask

From employees offer to product innovation - The PLAYMOBIL Nose-Mouth Mask

The Corona Virus  pandemic has kept the world in suspense for months. The danger of infection is great - the virus does not stop at any factory gate. At the end of March, a team from PLAYMOBIL therefore asked itself what the company could do with its expertise in plastics production to reduce the risk of infection for its employees. Since masks have been in absolute short supply for quite some time, the idea was born to produce such an article itself.

No sooner said than done. In only 10 days the reusable ""nose-mouth mask"" was developed - and brought from prototype to production. Since then, the face mask has become an integral part of the numerous hygiene and safety measures with which PLAYMOBIL now makes working in the workplace possible. The reusable face mask for adults has proven to be very effective.

First inquiries for the face mask were coming soon. With the  worldwide demand still  great politicians continue to discuss how far a general mask requirement must go in order to slow down the spread of the virus. Against this background, PLAYMOBIL decided to go into serial production with the reusable face mask and to offer it to all interested people.

In record time, further injection moulds for the complex mould design of this article were created. Since the first announcement of this product innovation, PLAYMOBIL has received many inquiries and orders. We are registering an enormous demand combined with many requests - among others for additional sizes, colours and models. You can find the current offer in our webshop. In order to meet the demand, the production capacity is currently being continuously expanded. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the supply of the population in this way, and are working hard to meet the numerous orders as quickly as possible.

The nose and face masks provided by the geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG reduces the risk of infecting other people by droplet infection.

For this purpose the wearer inserts a fresh filter element into the mask before each use. Various absorbent materials can be used as filters - for example, a standard paper tissue. The mask must not be used without a filter. For reasons of hygiene, a mask may only ever be used when it is clean and may only be used by one person. When putting on the mask, make sure that the nose and mouth are completely covered. An elastic band is used to keep it in place so that it does not slip, even with rapid movements (see Figure). All hygiene regulations, such as a safety distance of at least 2 metres to other people, must be observed when wearing the mask.

Cleaning: The mask should be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and detergent after 10 hours at the latest. The filter element should be removed before cleaning. Remember to always insert a new filter element.

Legal notice: The mask does not provide self-protection for the wearer and does not comply with the regulations as a medical device or the occupational health and safety regulations for personal protective equipment.

No medical device and no personal protective equipment.


Nase Mund Maske

Q&A - Nose and mouth mask from PLAYMOBIL

1. What material is the PLAYMOBIL nose-and-mouth mask made of?
It is made of high-quality and particularly durable plastic, especially TPE (thermoplastic elastomers).

2. Where is the PLAYMOBIL nose-mouth mask manufactured?
It is manufactured in Dietenhofen in Germany. The mask is a quality product made in Europe.

3. Where is the nose-mouth mask available?
After all employees of the geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG have been equipped with their own mask, the mask can be ordered internationally via the Playmobil webshop. The demand is great.

4 Which protection classes do the masks meet?
The mask is neither a medical product nor personal protective equipment in the sense of the European PPE regulation. The risk of infecting other people with a droplet infection is nevertheless reduced by wearing the nose-and-mouth mask. For this purpose, the wearer inserts a fresh filter element into the mask before each use. Various absorbent materials such as commercially available handkerchiefs can be used as filters.

5 What should be observed when wearing and cleaning the masks?
When wearing the mask, all hygiene regulations to reduce the risk of infection, such as a safe distance of at least 2 m from other people, regular thorough hand washing, and sneezing and coughing recomendations, must always be observed. The mask must be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and washing-up liquid after 10 hours of use at the latest. The mask is reusable and thus a resource-saving and sustainable product. The filter (e.g. handkerchief) must be disposed of after use.
When putting on the mask, make sure that the nose and mouth are completely covered. Smaller air slits in the cheek area do not interfere with this and provide the wearer with additional breathing air. The risk of infecting others by droplet infection is significantly reduced by the filter element in the mouthpiece. With the help of the supplied elastic band, an individual adjustment to the respective face shape is possible. The fixed rubber band prevents slipping during movement. It is recommended to keep the mask dry and not in a closed container.

6. What are the advantages of the mask?
Compared to disposable masks and models made of fabric, the advantage of the nose-and-mouth mask lies in its reusability and thus in the careful use of resources. Due to the use of a filter in a special mouthpiece, the PLAYMOBIL mask can be used practically anytime - without long drying time. It is a long-lasting product that shows hardly any signs of wear. While masks made of fabric need to be washed regularly, the PLAYMOBIL nose-mouth mask can easily be cleaned with hot water and soap. Depending on the material, fabric masks can also become very wet in the mouth area after 3-4 hours. The use of disinfectants is also viewed critically with fabric masks, because this can affect the functionality - this problem does not exist with plastic.

7. Who is the mask suitable for?
In principle, the mask is suitable for everyone, but the model chosen should match the head size. The Playmobil nose-and-mouth mask was initially developed for all employees* and was therefore produced for adults in size L (colour turquoise). This model may be too large for some head shapes. Playmobil therefore offers other sizes. Due to high demand, the mask is now also available in size S, which is available in the colour orange. This model is suitable for small heads. Three further colours for size S are already being planned. Further motifs are also offered for the attachment. Furthermore, the PLAYMOBIL nose-mouth mask will also be available in size M in the colour light grey in the future.

8. Is there a maximum purchase quantity of the masks in the webshop?
For private individuals, the maximum order quantity is nine nose-mouth masks per person. For business customers an individual agreement can be made.