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Zirndorf, Germany: Headquarters

Playmobil Zirndorf

  • Commissioned: 1990
  • Property size: more than 150.000 m²
  • Enclosed space: ca. 100.000 m³
  • Divisions: Management, Administration, Development, Marketing, Sales, Exports, Mould Construction, Decoration

Pirate Ships, Princesses and Policemen have one thing in common: They were developed at the PLAYMOBIL® headquarters in Zirndorf. Here, everything happens under one roof, in order to ensure maximum quality: At the Development department, numerous new products are born every year. The necessary moulds for the new products are constructed at the Mould Construction. While the Marketing department advertises the novelties with catalogues, TV ads and websites, the Sales and Exports departments make sure that customers in more than 100 countries can find PLAYMOBIL® at their toy shops. The Development, Exports and Marketing departments of the LECHUZA planters are also located at the headquarters in Zirndorf.


Dietenhofen, Germany: Main Production Site


  • Commissioned: 1969
  • Property size: approx. 270,000 m²
  • Enclosed production area: approx. 110,000 m²
  • Divisions: Customer Service, Production

In Dietenhofen (Bavaria), the majority of products developed in Zirndorf are manufactured, stored and shipped to places all around the world. The foundations for the main production site were laid in 1968. Since then, the facility has constantly been expanded and adapted. At the beginning of 2012, a new injection mould shop and another fully-automated high-rack storage system for PLAYMOBIL went into operation. The production site at Dietenhofen is one of the largest and most modern injection mould shops in Europe. Every day, up to 10 million individual PLAYMOBIL parts are made by more than 420 injection moulding machines, 250,000 parts are printed and an average of 65,000 PLAYMOBIL® sets are packaged. In addition, up to 4,500 LECHUZA planters are produced every day. And, if a part goes missing, the Customer Service team are happy to help.


Hal Far, Malta: Production of figures and PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3


  • Commissioned: 1972 (PLAYMOBIL® since 1976)
  • Property size: 58,000 m²
  • Enclosed production area: 38,000 m²

PLAYMOBIL® figures are colourful, with characters from all kinds of professions, ages and cultures. Still, they all have the same origin: They come from Malta. The production site founded in 1971 manufactures all the PLAYMOBIL® figures, approximately 100 million a year, using 280 injection moulding machines. Due to the increasing world-wide demand in figures, production was moved to a new facility in 2003. The PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3 line for toddlers aged 18 months and up is also mainly manufactured here.


Cheb (Eger), Czech Republic: Assembly Plant


  • Commissioned: 2006
  • Property size: 28,795 m² + 29,000 m² (new / planned)
  • Enclosed production area: 11,116 m²

In Cheb, anything that belongs together is combined: From knights‘ arms to the complete furnishing for the fantasy castle, all the small parts representing the fascination of PLAMOBIL are carefully assembled and pre-packaged. And since demand is increasing steadily, the hall initially hired quickly became too small and assembly moved into a specially established new building in 2006.


Onil, Spain: Large Series Production


  • Commissioned: 1983
  • Property size: 20,210 m²
  • Enclosed production area: 10,500 m²

Within the range of PLAYMOBIL® production sites, the Spanish facility specialises in the manufacturing of larger sets. The plant produces high quantity items for the world-wide demand – for example special offer items or advent calendars.


Selb, Germany: System Moulding


  • Commissioned: 2013
  • Property size: 18,500 m²
  • Footprint area: approx. 4,300 m²
  • Enclosed production space: 43,290 m³

In the scope of an asset deal, geobra Brandstätter took over a building complex, 32 employees and 44 injection moulding machines from Appelt+Witt GmbH in Selb (Bavaria) in January 2013. The facility manufactures and assembles PLAYMOBIL® products and offers a location advantage of being close to the production site in the Czech Republic.


Herrieden, Germany: Logistics Centre


  • Commissioned: 2014
  • Property size: 180,000 m²
  • Footprint area: 87,000 m²
  • Enclosed space: 1.146.150 m³

At the PLAYMOBIL logistics centre in Herrieden, 80,000 pallet spaces are waiting for the boxes produced at the sites in Dietenhofen, Malta, the Czech Republic and Spain. The products are prepared for shipping, loaded onto trucks at 96 loading gates, and set off on their journey to more than 100 countries all around the world.